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In the Austin area, black streaks on your shingle, tile, or metal roof are a common occurrence. These black streaks often more than just ugly stains. They are living communities of lichens and algae, literally consuming your roofing material for food. 

In addition to lowering your curb appeal, they are literally eating your roof and destroying value in your home. The longer the black streak infestation is left untreated, the more damage is done to your roof, shortening its lifespan and reducing cooling system efficiency. Energy efficiency is lost due to the fact that dark streaks absorb more sunlight as heat.

K&M Pressure Washing’s low-pressure roof washing service kills the unwanted guests eating your roof, leaving your home more visually appealing and energy efficient.

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K&M Pressure Washing always exceeds my expectations when it comes to making the commercial office parks I manage look their best. I've also used their services at my own home, as have several of my neighbors here in Lakeway. K&M has never failed to WOW us!

R. Jones

Lakeway, TX